Transferring dental insurance documents

So you finally found that dentist that you can trust in Georgia.  You weren’t too happy with your previous dentist so you want to quickly as possible get all of you dental records to your new dentist.  Georgia requires that you sign a simple release form that allows your current dentist to your new dentist.  The release form should specify to whom the records are to be delivered to and identify the records to be released.  If you have serious health conditions, then a general release will not suffice in Georgia.  The state of Georgia requires that those with sensitive conditions like HIV, require specific authorization to protect the patients confidential and private information.

The typical elements of a general release include: (1) Patient’s name and identifying information; (2) address of the dentist directed to release the information; (3) description of the information to be released; (4) identity of the party to received the information; (5) authorization of the release of information; (6) patient’s signature; and (6) the time period that the authorization of information is valid for.