Cosmetic denistry coverage

As a practicing dentist in Georgia, I am constantly asked if cosmetic dentistry is covered under dental insurance policies.  Cosmetic dentistry refers to procedures that can make the teeth look better but are not medically necessary.  So often these procedures are not covered in dental benefits plans.  Think of dental insurance plans as gift cards, it will help you off set some of the cost of your dental work but not all.

Georgia Health Science University

The Georgia Health Sciences University, College of Dental Medicine accepts patience and dentists service at a reduce rate.  The catch is that the services are provided by students and residents under the close supervision of the teaching staff at the College of Dental Medicine.  To quality, you have to attend a screen exam which takes about two hours.  Dental x-rays are taken to see what you need.  Priority is given to those that have the problems that the school is looking for to teach its students to diagnose and remedy.  Attending the exam does not guarantee that you will be accepted as a patience.

There are some requirements in terms of being available during certain times of the day and that you are available to be seen at least once a month.  If accepted you stand to get good quality service at a reduce price and the opportunity to help let a future dentist to practice on your mouth.

State Health Benefit Plan

Georgia has a State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) that provides health insurance coverage to state employees, school system employees, retirees, and their dependents.  The Georgia Department of Community Health’s Public Employee Health Benefits Division is responsible for day to day operations.  The plan coverage 692,568 Georgia citizens.  The latest open enrollment date for the plan is October 11, 2011 to November 10, 2011.

Georgia Facts

Georgia has an outstanding health care statewide network of 188 hospitals, including specialized facilities; 29,000 doctors, and more than 5,000 dentists.

The school system in Georgia is the fourth largest in the country with 13 state universities, four research universities, seven state colleges, two regional universities, nine two year universities, and 13 technical colleges. More than 100,000 people move to the state of George each year.  The state has 14 of the companies listed in the Fortune 500 listing based in the state and offering employment to its citizens.

Georgia Health Dental Insurance

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